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Aphora Health™

Quality, before anything else.

You won’t find a leadership team more committed to quality or with more healthcare experience.

Quality is the foundation of all we do at Aphora Health and our comprehensive Quality Program ensures we are sending our clients to only the best facilities.

Our focus on Quality starts by Aphora Health partnering only with hospitals that are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is the world leader in healthcare accreditation and has been accrediting hospitals for over 70 years, including ~85% of U.S. hospitals. With over 350 international standards of requirement, JCI’s rigorous and comprehensive accreditation inspects every aspect from surgical hygiene and anesthesia procedures to the credentials of medical staff and health policy issues. 

Joint Commission International applies the same patient safety goals and standards used in the U.S. to global hospitals. To date, almost 650+ hospital facilities outside of the U.S. have achieved JCI accreditation for their hospital program. JCI accreditation gives our clients the confidence and peace of mind that they are getting the best care possible, at or above U.S. standards.

For every global provider partner, the Aphora Health Quality Team completes a site visit to validate first-hand the safety and quality practices we would expect from a JCI accredited organization committed to excellence. We ensure the organization has a strong culture of safety and quality along with a robust, comprehensive quality program with participation from all roles — from the C-level executives to the direct care givers. While onsite, we evaluate the environment, cleanliness, service, technology and equipment. We also complete a comprehensive review of their Quality, Safety and Satisfaction metrics, documenting all certifications, accreditations, and recognitions received.

Finally, we continue to monitor Quality of our clinical provider partners on an ongoing basis. We review metrics on a quarterly basis, using U.S. based comparisons from trusted sources, such as CMS and Leapfrog, evaluating a variety of measures related to Quality and Safety, such as infection, complications, and error rates.

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