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Pharmacy Services

Aphora Health offers access to safe and verified prescription drugs, at a greatly reduced price compared to the U.S.

Medications in today’s world can be life changing for complex medical conditions. Therapy for medications, however, can sometimes be out of reach for many because of the high cost. At Aphora Health, we believe in finding a way to overcome that challenge and forge a path to better health for all.

Aphora Health has partnered with the highest quality physicians and facilities to provide you access to medications that meet the same FDA standards and protocols found in the U.S. These highly accredited Aphora Health partners will conduct an onsite screening, prescribe the medication needed, and fill your prescription at an onsite pharmacy.

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Little or Zero Cost Medication Therapy

Through your employer plan, you can have your prescription filled at no cost for the medication therapy or travel cost to you. Some employer plans may offer incentives to you as well.

For individuals without insurance or your plan does not cover a medication therapy, Aphora Health will help you determine if a greatly reduced medication with one of our international partners is the right choice for you based on price comparison and travel costs.

Prescriptions Offered

The prescription therapies for the conditions listed below are continually growing in our Aphora Health portfolio. Please contact us to learn more about how we can make a difference in your life through safe and affordable medication access.


  • Inflammation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriasis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Oncology
  • Hepatitis
  • Pulmonary
  • HIV

How does it work? (To be updated)

Step 1 - Consultation



Complete the contact form, then a Care Navigator will reach out to discuss your care needs, retrieve medication records from your physician, and a copy of your prescription.

Step 2 - Choose Facility


Choose Pathway

Aphora Health will evaluate your persnal needs and coverage to help you decide if you would receive delivery of your medication or travel to one of our Aphora partner destinations.

Step 3 - Travel Plans


Medication Source

Your Care Navigator will arrange for the prescription to be reviewed by a second opinion physician, filled by our Canadian pharmacy partner and delivered to your door or make all your travel arrangements and physician consults for your destination pharmacy prescription visit.

Step 4 - Surgery Day


Pharmacy Service

For shipping: Your medications are shipped, tracked, and climate controlled via GPS and remote temp monitoring every 3 minutes during the journey. For travel: A concierge service with years of experience will usher you throughout your stay.*

Step 5 - Continuing Care


Continuing Care

Your personal Care Navigator will provide support, guidance, and coordination throughout your pharmacy journey with Aphora, ensuring appropriate care continuity. They will begin the process for your next 90-day refill within 30-days of your last prescription fill.

* Some employers may not choose to have a travel option available.

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