Aphora Health™

Aphora Health™

Strategic Partners

At Aphora, we strive to engage in partnerships that improve the service and value we deliver. These partners have aligned interests and a mutual focus on improving health care delivery and member experience.


GeoBlue, a subsidiary of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association helps Aphora members navigate International healthcare by delivering digital tools and information that enable members to feel more Secure about their health.

Blue Health Intelligence (BHI)

BHI has helped health care organizations like Aphora improve patient care, reduce costs, and optimize performance through trusted data and actionable analytics and insights.


The worlds #1 Customer Relationship Management System, Salesforce offers cloud-based software designed to help businesses like Aphora connect to their customers.


GAVS is a global IT company with focus on digital transformation supporting Aphora website and application integration to improve the customer experience and accelerate business outcomes.